Saturday, December 16, 2006


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The heat of the earth

Seems to pass through your body,

Through the skin and bone

Boiling your blood.

A vile smell fills you

As intense cries of pain,

Echoe morbidly nearby

The smell of burning flesh.

Long flames lick at your heels

Stepping around the scorched earth,

Avoiding the broken bones -

The skulls of men.

Something catches your foot

And you fall, hands gripping the heat sodden earth,

As you come face to face

With a tortured, blackened skull.

Mouth wide in horror

Teeth chipped and broken,

The very stance of this fleshless bone

Making your skin crawl with pain.

The sky above you red with dust and heat

Great swirls of black smoke,

Circling the unforgiving sky

The sun - if you could call it that - bearing down.

Standing, your hands blistered from the heat

Black soot swiped across the side of your face,

Contrasting against the pale, freckled skin

Hopelessness overpowering the very need to live.

Fire burns all around you

The sweat beading on your skin,

Tracing patterns down

The thick soot covering your arms.

A building falls nearby

One of the last,

No longer withstanding the flames

And smoke rises to the redenned sky.

The air is thick, suffocating

So hot you can hardly breathe,

Coughing hard, gasping

You kick a skull and curse.

There is no respect for the dead

Not now, not after this,

They did not have to survive, try...

They were the lucky ones.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

ALways wearing darkened clothes resembles sad demise taking photo's against a wall bright light shines in my eyes you know that i will always be the black and white
darkened princess still picture in your mind but then i hear that nothing's going to bring you back this time

Saturday, September 23, 2006

i dont give a fuck

I stood my highest,
But it wasn’t high enough,
I walked my sternest,
But you didn’t care so I gave up,
I stopped my addiction,
To look pretty for you,
I brushed my hair to the side
To grab a sneak preview,
I coughed up blood,
From my chopped and boiling heart,
I admitted defeat,
As I should have from the start,
I died all over again,
And you ran away with my lust,
So im just trying to pretend,
That I don’t give a fuck…

Saturday, September 09, 2006


accidently let a boy crush me( see poem below)...yes i ralize that was ages ago..shits bin happening...shuddup
im back :]
ta daa
i missed yew all!!!!


Sunday, June 25, 2006

xX i fucking hate (love) you!! Xx

sit very still, and stay very calm
so you can hear the blood rushing
my heart beat drumming to the harm
each day im keeping busy
to try and chip away the pain
i dont think of you and her, the thought drives me insane
please love me like you said you would
i dont even care if its fake
dont hurt me like i knew you would
the pain is becoming too much to take
hug me so it hurts, so i can feel your squeeze
so i know that i'm alive, so i feel the need to breath